Key Facts About Immigration Medical Exam for Canada

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Immigrating to Canada is an exciting prospect for many individuals seeking new opportunities and a better life. As part of the immigration process, applicants are required to undergo an Immigration Medical Exam (IME) to ensure they do not pose a risk to public health and safety. The IME is an essential step in the application process, and understanding its key aspects is vital for a smooth and successful immigration journey. In this blog post, we will explore some key facts related to the Immigration Medical Exam for Canada.

Things to know about Immigration Medical Exam

1. Purpose of the IME: The primary purpose of the Immigration Medical Exam is to assess the health status of applicants and identify any medical conditions that could potentially pose a risk to public health and safety in Canada. The examination helps Canadian authorities make informed decisions about an applicant’s admissibility to the country.

2. Who Needs to Take the IME: In general, most applicants for Canadian permanent residency, including refugees and certain temporary residents, are required to undergo the IME. However, there are some exceptions based on factors such as age, duration of stay, and the type of visa being applied for. It is essential to check the specific requirements based on individual circumstances and visa categories.

3. Authorized Panel Physicians: The IME must be conducted by a designated panel physician approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These panel physicians are authorized to perform the medical examination and provide the necessary documentation for visa applications. For a full list of authorized panel physicians in near you, refer to our Physican List or search for a location in the top bar of any page on this website.

4. Medical History and Examination: During the IME, applicants are required to provide their medical history, including any past or existing medical conditions, vaccinations, and previous surgeries. The panel physician will conduct a comprehensive medical examination, which typically includes a physical examination, blood tests, and a chest X-ray. The results of these tests will be forwarded to IRCC.

5. Validity Period: The IME results have a specific validity period, usually up to 12 months. This means that applicants must submit their visa application within the given validity period of their medical examination. If the application process takes longer than expected, the applicant may need to undergo another IME if the previous one expires. If you are unsure if your IME resultus are still valid, it is always good idea to contact an immigration lawyer for assistance.

6. Exemptions and Temporary Public Policies: Certain low-risk, in-Canada foreign nationals might be exempt from submitting a new IME if they meet specific criteria. These exemptions are part of temporary public policies aimed at streamlining application processing and benefiting eligible applicants.

7. Impact on Application Processing: The IME plays a crucial role in the overall processing of visa applications. Delayed medical exams or medical conditions that require additional assessments may lead to longer processing times. It is essential for applicants to complete the IME promptly to avoid unnecessary delays.

8. Privacy and Confidentiality: Panel physicians and their staff must adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality standards when handling an applicant’s medical information. The results of the IME are shared only with IRCC and are not used for any other purposes.


The Immigration Medical Exam is a significant aspect of the immigration process to Canada, ensuring that public health and safety are protected. Understanding the key facts related to the IME can help applicants prepare adequately and avoid unnecessary hurdles in their journey to becoming Canadian permanent residents. If you are considering immigrating to Canada, be sure to check the specific requirements and guidelines set by IRCC and consult with a qualified immigration professional if needed.

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