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We accept ads from 3 types of businesses only:
A) IRCC authorized panel physicians
B) Canadian Immigration lawyers in good standing
C) Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs)

Read below to learn about different ad placements we offer:

Ad Placement$/MonthSILVERGOLD
Featured Ad$50
Home Page$150
Before Header$100
After Header$100
Single Listing Sidebar$50
Single Listing Bottom$50
City Listing Sidebar$30
City Listing Bottom$30
Country Listing Sidebar$20
Country Listing Bottom$20
Post Sidebar$35
Post In-Content$50
Post Bottom$35
Blog Archive Sidebar$50
Blog Archive In-Content$75
Before Comments$50
After Comments$30
Before Footer$50
After Footer$30
Custom Placement$100
Monthly CostCustom$150$300
Max ads numberCustom1020

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