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Dr. Richard Chan

Dr. Richard Chan is an IRCC authorized panel phyisican serving patients in Toronto's east end.

Clinic: Dr. Danny Chan’s clinic,

Spoken Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Shanghai

Accessible directly from Broadview TTC Station, Streetcar 504B King 505 Dundas, & Bus 100 Flemingdon. Green P Parking Nearby



Age 0-10 - Exam Components - Doctor Exam - $150
Age 11-14 - Exam Components  - Doctor Exam - $160 - Chest X-ray - $50 - Total: $210.00
Age 15-74 Exam Components - Doctor Exam + Blood Test + Urine Test - $200 - Chest X-ray - $50 - Total: $250.00
Age 75+ Exam Components - Doctor Exam + Blood Test + Urine Test - $230 - Chest X-ray - $50 - Total: $280.00
Refugee - No Payment Required - Must have valid refugee ID Not covered if you previously completed a refugee exam - Total: $0
Furtherance - Follow Up Testing after Medical Exam - Doctor exam - $70 - If Chest Xray required - $50 - Total: $70.00


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Step 1: Book an Appointment

You can online book your Immigration Medical Exam with one of our Panel Physicians directly online.
Be sure to choose your preferred clinic location when scheduling your appointment.

After you have completed your booking, an intake form will be emailed to you and must be completed before your scheduled appointment.

Step 2: Gather The Required Documents

You must bring the following documents to your medical exam at our clinic:

  • One form of government-issued ID, such as:
    • Valid passport (Not expired) or a copy certified by a Canadian Visa Office
    • National ID card
    • Canadian driver’s licence
    • Refugee protection claimant document
    • Refugee travel document
    • Acknowledgement of Claim and Notice to Return for Interview
    • The Interim Federal Health Certificate
  • Any IRCC paperwork
    • Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary IMM1017
    • Express Entry Invitation Letter: Please upload into our intake form.
    • Applicants may complete an Upfront Medical if you do not have the above in preparation of your application
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them
  • Any medical reports or test results for previous or existing medical conditions
  • A list of all your current medications or medication bottles/packages

Step 3: Visit the Clinic for Your Immigration Medical Exam

Our clinics are equipped to provide all examinations at one location. We provide all urine, blood, and x-ray examination in one location. All testing can be completed in one visit which allows an efficient and time-saving process.The whole process should take approximately 1.5 hours and you will be required to pay for your exam on the day of your appointment. Only Canadian debit card and cash is accepted for payment.

Chest X-Rays

A chest x-ray is required for all applicants Age 11 and older. Pregnant applicants may choose to defer the chest x-ray and complete all other parts of the exam. Our Panel Physicians will counselled you regarding the risk of x-ray during pregnancy or how to defer until after pregnancy.

Blood Tests

Blood testing is required for all applicants Age 15 and older. You do not need to fast before your appointment for blood work tests.

Urine Tests

A urinalysis is required for all applicants Age 5 and older. Please drink more water prior to arrival to ensure you can provide a urine sample during your appointment. Menstruation will not affect your exam.

IRCC paperwork

  • Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary IMM1017
  • Express Entry Invitation Letter – Please upload into our Intake Form
  • You may complete your exam without an Invitation Letter in preparation of your application
  • Applicants may complete an Upfront Medical if you do not have the above

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Are the physicians who work at your clinics Panel Physician approved by the government?
We have multiple Panel Physicians working at our clinic who are approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to provide Immigration Medical Exams.

What happens if I am called back by a Panel Physician?
If you are called back to a Panel Physician, it is very common that IRCC may require more information in order to process your documents. Simply contact us or book your appointment online to resolve this. There is no need to panic, everything will be alright.

Do I need to fast before my appointment?
You can eat and do not need to fast before the appointment.

How long is the exam valid for?
Your medical exam and test results are valid for 12 months only. You may need to have another examination if your application is not completed within that time.

When will test results be available and cases submitted to government?
Cases will be submitted by our office between 3-10 days from your visit. Results are not required for your application. Results will be send directly to IRCC.

I have been asked to return to see the Panel Physician again, what do I do?
You may require further medical tests requested by the government. Please BOOK ONLINE for an appointment. If your medical exam was not completed at our office, please try contacting the original panel physician who completed your exam.

What is the status of my application?
We will submit your case to Immigration within 10 days. Your case will be completed at this time. Please do not call the office. If you have further questions about your immigration status after 10 days from your exam, please contact IRCC directly as they may not have reviewed your file yet.

Is blood test and chest X-ray done at the same location?
Yes, blood test and chest x-ray is completed on site immediately after doctor exam.

Can I get a copy of my report?
You may order a copy of your complete Immigration Medical Exam that will be submitted on our website Order Your Report. There is an administrative charge of $20.

I am pregnant, can I still complete my immigration medical exam?
You may still complete this exam. The doctor will counsel you on the risks and benefits of completing or not completing an X-ray during pregnancy. If you do not wish to complete an x-ray, you can complete all other parts of the exam.

I completed a refugee medical exam before. Can I still use my refugee paper for coverage?
The Interim Federal Health Program only covers the medical exam once when you applied for refugee status. Once you apply for other application types like permanent residency or work permit, you are no longer covered for this exam.

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855 Broadview Ave, Suite 403, Toronto Ontario M4K 3Z1


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