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Michele Annette Moss

Dr. Michele Annette Moss is an IRCC doctor in Calgary, Alberta.

Spoken Languages: Afrikaans, English


Dr. Michele Moss has been providing Immigration Medical Examinations (IME) for the Government of Canada for over 30 yrs.

Your appointment lasts approximately 1 hour. It includes  a current and past medical history, a physical examination and a urine sample. Your photograph will be taken at the office. There is no need to bring photographs with you.

The fee is $250 per person and  payable by cash, debit, VISA or Mastercard.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to complete required documentation.

After the appointment you will need to get blood tests (if 15yrs or older). These are done at Alberta Precision Laboratories in the office next door.  Dr. Moss’s office will book that  appointment for you. Blood tests cost approximately $50 and are payable at the laboratory.

A chest x-ray is also needed (if 11yrs or older)  and you will receive information about where to go for that. Chest x-rays are walk-in only and appointments cannot be booked. A chest x-ray costs approximately $75 and is payable at the X-ray Clinic.

You must bring the following to your appointment:

  • Passports for all persons being examined (or valid photographic ID)
  • Work or Study permit or Visitor Visa (if you have one)
  • Any paperwork or email you received from Immigration Canada about your medical examination.
  • Any eyeglasses you wear for reading.
  • Any documentation for any current or past medical and/or surgical conditions.
  • A list of all medications you are taking with names and dosages OR the medication containers with the names and dosages.

There is a “no-show” fee if you do not arrive for your appointment or if you cancel less than 3 business days before the appointment.

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Contact Information

Richmond Square Medical Centre, 3715 51st Street Southwest #142, Calgary, Alberta T3E 6V2, Canada


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