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Michael J. Clarke

Dr. Michael J. Clarke is an IRCC authorized panel physician working in London, England.

This panel physician or clinic provides services paid by Interim Federal Health Program.

Clinic: Visa Medicals Ltd., No. 4 Ground Floor, Bentinck Mansions

Spoken Languages: English,French

For appointments, please call 020 7486 7821 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4.30pm) or email


Please have the following information ready when you call or email us:

  • Name, address, date of birth, country of birth, e-mail address and telephone number of each person attending.
  • Number, issue and expiry dates and issuing country of a current passport for each applicant.
  • IME or UCI number if you have applied for your visa – this can be found on the “Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary” form.

An up-front medical examination can be completed prior to making your visa application. In this case, personal and passport information will be required in order to book the appointment.

Female applicants are advised not to book their appointment within 3 days of their menstrual cycle because this may affect the urine test.

We reserve the right to charge £60 per person if you cancel within 3 working days of your scheduled appointment.
Please see the Canadian Immigration website for full information regarding the medical requirements for Canadian visas.

What you should bring to your appointment
  • Valid passport (mandatory) for each applicant (photocopies will not be accepted).
  • ‘Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary’ form with IME/UCI/UMI number (form 1017).
  • Spectacles or contact lenses if worn.
  • Copies of GP/specialist reports, if available, for any significant medical conditions.
  • For children of 7 or under, the ‘Red Book’ health record, if available.

What to expect during your medical examination

We will assist with creation of an Upfront Medical where appropriate. We will check your identity and take your photograph to attach to the medical report. All applicants will have a full medical examination, including a urine test for anyone aged 5 years and above. The medical itself includes a physical examination, when the applicant will undress to underwear whilst wearing a gown. Chaperones are available upon request. All applicants aged 11 years and above will need a chest X-ray. All applicants aged 15 years and above will need blood tests for HIV status, syphilis and kidney function. Additional tests may be added according to the Canadian immigration protocols.

Price list

TOTAL price includes X-ray and VAT where applicable as from 1st April 2017.


Adults (medical, chest X-ray, HIV and syphilis tests) £350
Child aged 11-14 years (includes chest X-ray) £235
Child aged 5-10 years £100
Child aged 0-4 years £80
Chest X-ray only £105
Hepatitis B and C blood tests £70

Spoken Languages

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Contact Information

Bentinck Mansions, 12-16 Bentinck St, London W1U 2ER, UK


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