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Dr. Ivana Molnar

Dr. Ivana Molnar is an IRCC panel doctor in Vienna, Austria.

Clinic: Ambulatorium Augarten

This panel physician or clinic provides services paid by Interim Federal Health Program


About Dr. Molnar

Head of MEDIZIN AUGARTEN, PHC (Primary Health Care).
Panel Physician, ÖÄK Diploma for Nutrition Medicine, Diploma Medical Hypnosis, Emergency Physician.
Languages: German, Slovak, Czech, English.

In addition to the complete spectrum of general medicine and emergency medicine Dr. Ivana Molnár offers medical hypnosis. Treatments are offered for smoking cessation, stress management, sleeping disorder, weight control, pain, anxiety (fear of flying, phobia,...) and many more.

Costs for medical hypnosis are unfortunately not covered by statutory health insurance. Pleas find details in our price list.

2014 Emergency Physician
2015 Nutrition Medicine
2016 Medical Hypnosis
2016 Foundation of the Gruppenpraxis für Allgemeinmedizin OG, Dr. Wolfgang Molnár und Dr. Ivana Molnár,
2020 Foundation of MEDIZIN AUGARTEN, Primary Health Care (PHC), status of Gruppenpraxis für Allgemeinmedizin OG, Dr. Wolfgang Molnár und Dr. Ivana Molnár remaining.


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Examinations are carried out by our team under the lead of Dr. Wolfgang Molnár, Head Panel Physician.

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon
We recommend scheduling an appointment during business hours under +43-1-330 34 68-17 or via mail:

Results of your examinations will be ready within 10 working days and will be e-mailed to you as well as to the CIC.
Please note that fasting is NOT required for the blood test.
Urine tests for ladies are to be conducted pre or post menstruation..

What to bring to your medical:
Valid passport (please use the same one that you have been using for your visa request),
If available: IME, UCI or UMI number,
Vaccination records, if available
Noteworthy x-rays and/or blood tests,
List of medications you are taking,
If pregnant, please provide medical certificate including estimated date of birth.

Adults (incl. x-ray; excl. Blood Test) € 330,00
Children under 11 years € 280,00
Blood test (15 and older) + € 45,00

Please be informed that we accept cash payment only.

Medical Examination Procedures
Medical history; please bring all relevant medical notes, letters, exam results showing details of existing medical or psychiatric problems and current treatments. It`s better to have more information than less.
Physical Examination,
Blood Test (syphilis, HIV),
Urine test.
Chest x-ray at our contractual partners; Diagnose Zentrum Brigittenau (diagnostics centre Brigittenau), A- 1200 Vienna, Pasettistraße 71-75. No appointment necessary. The diagnostics centre can be reached by bus within 10 minutes.
Additional information
Children under the age of 11 years do normally NOT require chest x-ray,
Children under the age of 15 years do normally NOT require a blood test,
Children under the age of 5 years do not require urine tests,
Pregnant women DO require a blood test and will be x-rayed under special safety precautions,
X-rays, blood tests and urine tests that have been conducted upfront cannot be accepted. Nevertheless it is appreciated if you bring those along as they might help for comparison purposes.
In exceptional cases additional examinations might be required at medical specialists (your choice). This may delay results of your medical.
Listed examinations are mandatory.


Spoken Languages

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Contact Information

Untere Augartenstraße 1-3, Vienna, Austria


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