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Dr. Susana Maraea Tupou-Suliana

Dr. Susana Maraea Tupou-Suliana is an IRCC doctor in Labasa, Fiji.

Clinic: Zens Medical Centre - Labasa

General Medical Certificates
• Children under 11 years old: $288 (exam, urine test)
• Children 11-14 years old: $368 (exam, urine test, chest x-ray)
• 15 years old & over: $426 (exam, urine & blood tests, chest x-ray)

Chest x-ray ONLY $121

Required Blood Tests: HIV, VDRL, Creatinine

Please inform us if you are pregnant or you think you might be pregnant.

Contact Information

Zens Medical Centre Labasa, Labasa, Fiji


Dr. Susana Maraea Tupou-Suliana 0 reviews

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