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Dr. Shahram Fasihy

Dr. Shahram Fasihy is an IRCC authorized doctor in Coquitlam, British Columbia

Clinic: Immigration eMedical Clinic Manhas Health Co,
This clinic provides services paid by Interim Federal Health Program

Spoken Languages: English, Persian, Spanish


About Dr. Shahram Fasihy

Dr. Fasihy is an experienced medical doctor and registered Panel Physician with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). He moved to Canada with his family in 1990, at the age of 13. After finishing middle school and high school in Coquitlam, he attended the University of British Columbia, where he got his Bachelor of Science degree. He furthered his education in Canada and moved to the USA after receiving an MBA degree. After finishing medical school and residency training in Family Medicine, he returned to Canada in 2014. Having practiced medicine for over a decade and having conducted over 10,000 immigration medical exams to date, he has the knowledge and experience you can trust to ensure smooth and timely immigration medical exams.


Why should you choose Dr. Fasihy clinic?


  • We provide immigration medical exams in our clinic in Coquitlam. We are pleased to inform you that we are now only one of a few clinics in the Lower Mainland where you can get your Xray and laboratory testing done all in the same location. Our convenient, one-stop immigration medical exams increase speed, efficiency and communication throughout your exam experience. No separate appointments are needed for laboratory or Xrays and can be done right after your appointment with the doctor. Fasting is NOT required for any part of your exam.
  • We provide immigration exams on Wednesday evenings and on Saturdays. This will ensure that most clients have access to our clinic without interfering with their work or school schedule.
  • In addition to English, we provide immigration medical exams in Farsi/Persian and Spanish.


Do I need to do Xray or laboratory testing?

The required additional testing depends on your age. The mandatory requirements are listed here for each age group.


  • Under 5 years - no additional testing required.
  • 5 years and older - urine testing.
  • 11 years and older - Chest Xray for TB (Tuberculosis).
  • 15 years and older - blood test for kidney function, HIV and Syphilis


How do I prepare for my appointment?

Before your appointment (at least 24 hours or as soon as possible) please email the following to


  1. Copy of passports for all members of the family
  2. Any immigration documents you may have with UCI# and IME# for all members of the family - Clients requiring upfront medical exams will not have these documents.
  3. Photos of your faces for all members of the family (JPEG format)




What are the costs involved for my medical exam?


  • Adults (15 and above): $220 (Labs/Xray extra)
  • Children (14 or under) $200 (Labs/Xray extra)
  • Refugee claimants: no charge for the first immigration exam in Canada
  • Ukranian (CUAET): no charge with a valid MSP - bring your MSP#
  • Ukranian (CUAET): $180 if no MSP (labs/Xray extra)-reimbursed later


Xray and labs are done in our clinic by Downtown Radiology:

$105 for Xray (screening for Tuberculosis)

$105 for laboratory testing (HIV, Syphilis, Kindly function GFR/Cr, Urine)


What do I need to bring to my appointment?

-Original valid passports (not expired) or valid government-issued picture ID.

-Any documents you have received from Immigration with IME # and UCI#. This is mandatory for all refugees but not required for upfront medical exams.

-Any medical records you may have.

-List of all your medications.

-Your glasses or contact lenses (if any) for the vision check.


What happens after my appointment?

After your appointment with the doctor, we will give you the requisition form for laboratory and Xray to finish your mandatory tests in the same clinic. You don't have to visit the doctor after your tests are complete. We will receive your Xray and laboratory results automatically and electronically within 2-3 business days and submit your file directly to IRCC. You will not be contacted if the results are normal. We will only get in touch with you if the results are abnormal.

Are there any special considerations for women?


  • If women are on their period, they can still have their medical exam done. Blood in the urine does NOT influence immigration exams
  • In case of pregnancy, women can choose to postpone their chest Xray. However, Xrays are mandatory and your file will be deferred (put on hold) until the Xray is done after delivery.

Contact Information

1106 Austin Avenue #101, Coquitlam, British Columbia V3K 3P5, Canada


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