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Dr. Anthony Ng

Dr. Anthony Ng is an IRCC authorized panel physician in New York City, NY.

Clinic: Ng Medical PLLC

Spoken Languages: Chinese, English


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Immigration Exam FAQ


Age Urine X-Ray Lab Cash to Us
0 - 4 years old $200
5 - 10 years old X $230
11 - 14 years old X X $250
15 - 99 years old X X X $280



Documents to bring with your visit and FAQ


  1. Passport/Government issued ID - original and current
  2. 2 Passport Photos (passport size 2 x 2, passport view)
  3. Medical Form (IME # or UCI #) if you have it
  4. Bring Glasses/contacts (for vision check)
  5. Period (Menstrual cycle) - best to wait until your period clears for few days and no blood in urine before the urine test
  6. If pregnant, X-ray might need to wait or with shield - get a note from OBGYN that it is safe to do X-ray. If not safe or unable to do X-ray, case will be on hold and X-ray can be done after baby's birth
  7. Bring your medication or medication list for chronic medical issues (Such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, Hepatitis, etc...)
  8. If patient has tattoo –must do additional blood tests at Bio-Reference for additional fee
  9. Insurances do NOT cover immigration exam or labs. Bring cash with you for the exam.
  10. Walk in is ok from Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 4PM. Location is 139 Centre Street, Suite 611, New York NY 10013. Our Brooklyn location does not offer Immigration exam due to participating labs are near our Manhattan office.
  11. Chest X Ray is done at 155 Canal Street New York NY 10013. Blood and/or urine test is done in the same building at Suite 524.
  12. The cash price is to us. You will pay for X Ray and blood/urine test separately at discounted prices. If you need to repeat any test, you need to pay them again.
  13. We use eMedical and your case will be submitted electronically after we receive and upload your lab results within two weeks of your visit date.


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About Anthony Ng, MD

Dr. Anthony Ng, M.D., is a leading gastroenterologist dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care to patients from Brooklyn, New York to Lower Manhattan, New York, and throughout the Greater New York City metro region. As the founding physician of GI Health, Dr. Ng offers a comprehensive array of diagnostic and treatment options for patients with issues affecting the gastrointestinal system, including chronic and acute stomach pain, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and acid reflux, using the most advanced techniques for colonoscopy, upper endoscopy and wireless capsule endoscopy using the PillCam system. Dr. Ng also provides non-invasive screening for colorectal cancer with stool testing including the ground-breaking Cologuard fecal DNA test. In addition, he offers medical weight loss programs customized for the needs of the individual patient for optimal long-term results.

After receiving his medical degree, Dr. Ng completed his training in internal medicine at The Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, one of the three major Harvard teaching hospitals, followed by a residency in gastroenterology at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. In addition to caring for patients at his practice, Dr. Ng is also a clinical instructor of medicine at both New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Center and Mount Sinai - Beth Israel Hospital, both top-ranked medical centers in New York City.

At GI Health, Dr. Ng welcomes the opportunity to provide skilled, compassionate, patient-centered care for men and women from throughout New York City.

Contact Information

139 Centre Street suite 609, New York, NY 10013, USA


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