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Dr Abid Malik

Dr Abid Malik is  panelled physicians with IRCC for immigration medical examination.

Clinic: Southend Medical and Walk-in Clinic

The clinic provides services paid by Interim Federal Health Program
This clinic uses eMedical to upload the final medical exam result to IRCC as soon as it is ready

Spoken Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi


Please bring valid identification document with you (Original Passport, Original Passport Card, National Identification Card, Driver’s Licence, Refugee Protection Claimant Document, Original or certified copy of Birth Certificate, Copy of Passport Certified by a Canadian Visa Office, Refugee Travel Document, Red Cross Travel Document, UN Laissez-passer, Seaman’s book). If you have received any forms or letters from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) please bring these as well.

  • For immigration medical exam you need not to bring any photograph, we will click it here for you.
  • Please bring prescription glasses, if you are using.
  • No need to be fasting. You can have your regular meal during your exam day.
  • Drink plenty of water before exam.
  • Bring all the prescription medication on the day of examination.
  • Bring the consultation reports of your past surgeries or completed treatment if you have any.
  • IME physical takes two to three hours for the whole procedure, kindly prepare yourself and be patient, we will appreciate your cooperation.
  • All the payments are in debit.


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  • After the medical examination you need to go for blood tests and x-ray, for which we will guide you to a panelled lab which is just at walking distance from our clinic. The age-wise details for requirement of these tests are given below:


Up To 5 Years No Test
5 To 11 Years Urine Test
11 To 15 Years Urine Test & Chest X-Ray
Above 15 Years Urine Test, Chest X-Ray & Blood Work

* Please note: doctor can order other lab tests as required as per examination findings.

  • In most cases this is all you will need to do. After receiving all the test results, we will submit your medical file electronically using the eMedical portal.
  • If any of your test results require follow up or not normal, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) will contact you if further tests or follow-up visits are required regarding your medical examination.
  • You will receive a decision about your application directly from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).
  • To request for a copy of your submitted health case, please contact us on our email along with a copy of a government issued ID and authorization form (we will provide this).
  • Please wait for at least 10 working days after your exam before requesting for the report.
  • After we submit your case on emedical, any further queries about your visa application and/or your health examination results should be directed to your visa officer. Staff at a panel clinic will not be able to help you with these queries.
  • If you have not yet lodged a visa application, you must provide the information sheet (the sheet you got from the clinic on the day of your medical exam) to IRCC.


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  • Kindly go to Meadowood X-ray 1555 St Mary’s Rd ONLY with respect to do your X-ray and Dynacare in St. Vital Mall for your lab work.
  • MEADOWOOD X RAY CLINIC is OFF on Saturday and Sunday.
  • DO NOT go any other place for above work.
  • X ray and Labs comes directly to clinic .
  • Do NOT need to call or follow-up until Clinic or CIC will contact you.
  • Submission time line is 7-14 days with effective on appointment day so do not delay your xray and lab otherwise Clinic is not responsible for any delays in your process.

Contact Information

166 Meadowood Drive unit 30, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 5G8, Canada


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